We set about our chief mission of fulfilling our clients’ legal requirements through efficient, timely and excellence-driven advice.

Vastly experienced, our team comprising highly qualified members can handle even the most complex issues successfully. It is a matter of policy of the firm, to ensure direct and active partner participation in the cases we handle.

Rigorous analysis of the issues at hand, as well as a practical approach to providing solutions tailored to clients’ legitimate business interests is our commitment. At our firm, independence and total dedication to the profession are also core values.

Practice areas

Corporate Advice

Corporate advice is a cornerstone of the services the firm offers. We provide clients close, ongoing support to help them developing their business activities using the most efficient legal means available as well as detecting and averting potential risks. Sound corporate advice, in our opinion, empowers a company so it can achieve its goals through excellence-based professional cooperation by receiving the right solutions at the right time for a given objective. We also meet the speed and timeliness challenges that client business and activities often set.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm has a longstanding tradition and vast experience delivering legal advice on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring. To these ends, we are effective at combining a number of legal areas such as commercial, tax , antitrust and securities law. Aware that no two cases are alike, in each instance we identify which legal solution best fits the needs of a specific transaction and take the most appropriate action.

Litigation and Arbitration

The firm has provided legal services in numerous areas of litigation or dispute: civil law, commercial, taxation, bankruptcies and workouts, real estate, free competition, and the energy and telecommunications sectors. Litigation attorneys at the firm have a solid experience in both domestic and international legal actions, including cases brought before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Several attorneys at the practice have been appointed arbitrators in some of the highest-profile conflicts in Chile and are arbitration panelists of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce Center for Arbitration and Mediation, the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.


Yrarrázaval, Ruiz-Tagle, Goldenberg, Lagos & Silva has solid tax advisory experience in company start ups, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations and also in assessing contracts and transactions. In addition, we have taken part in the design of novel tax solutions the complexity of current business structures demands, particularly those involving foreign companies and their investments in Chile.

The firm has built a solid reputation defending its clients´ interests before the Internal Revenue Service as well as representing clients at court.

Our tax advice practice is integrated within other areas of the firm such that taxation effects and contingencies are considered specifically for each client activity.

Competition Law

The firm has counseled and participated in several relevant cases before the Chilean Antitrust Commissions on proposed acquisition within Chile and abroad and in defending cases before Chilean competition authorities.

Labor Law, Social Security and Immigration

The firm is renowned for its handling of labor affairs, both in dealing with specific issues as well as in ongoing advice concerning client’s employees.

Our specialist labor attorneys enable the firm to provide clients solid support in every area of the law involving the preparation of individual or collective bargaining contracts, pay-roll structuring, termination of labor contracts, support in collective bargaining negotiations, union relations and dealings with regulatory authorities. The firm is also well reputed for its vast experience in labor litigation.

Foreign Investment

The firm has substantial experience in counseling international clients in this area. The firm offers legal advice encompassing all aspects and stages of an investment.

Real State, Engineering and Construction

The firm advises important local real estate developers as well as relevant local and international companies in the construction industry, including reputable engineering companies.

Banking and Finance

Attorneys at the firm have excelled in project finance-related legal advice to banks and other companies, particularly in the mining sector. The firm has advised banks and multilateral organizations in different project finance schemes. We have and continue to advise banks on highly complex legal issues. In addition, the firm has a well-established track record providing clients advice in renegotiating debt and financial restructuring.


The firm has a strong expertise in securities law and has advised some of the most important local publicly traded companies. Members of the firm have been involved in ADR programs, IPO of local companies in stock exchanges and local and international bond and equity offerings (representing both issuers and underwriters).

Public Utilities

The firm has substantial experience in this field, especially in the electrical and water-sewage sector.

Insurance and Reinsurance

The firm has a long experience in counseling insurance companies and reinsurers.


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From its beginnings, our firm has provided legal advice to many foreign corporations in order to develop their projects and business in Chile, in almost all the economic areas: industrial, banking, commerce, investments, mining, agricultural, technology, real estate, electricity, drinking water, gas, etc.

The vast experience of the members of our firm in channeling and implementing foreign investments in the country as well as in the different options available to structure such investments, is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Additionally, the firm permanently renders legal services to a great deal of local companies and foreign investors in all type of matters, effectively helping them in their multiple legal needs. Implementing Chilean investments abroad is one significant matter covered by our legal services to local companies.
We also advise individuals and families in their legal requirements. Upon request we can provide a list of our main clients and the most important transactions in which we have acted recently, subject to our clients’ approval.